Introducing the researchSOLAR blog

Making the decision to invest in a solar photovoltaic energy solution is not easy.  In 2007, some friends and I were trying to decide whether to take the leap and install solar and found a broad array of websites and general information on the subject. 

What we wanted was a simple explanation of the system basics, system sizing, system cost and solar energy rebates – as well as access to qualified, reputable solar energy installers. With the help of Deb, Curtis, Jennifer, Terry(s), Brad and others (who collectively have experience in online marketing, software development of solar energy), we mapped out a site and started to build what you see at researchSOLAR

Development of Version 1 of the site has focused on basic content as well as launching the solar calculator and installer finder tools; it is only a start, and we plan to develop lots more interesting tools and content.   We hope you like the site, and if you are interested in contributing, contact us at  Thanks for your support and spread the word. 

Squirrel chews wires on solar panels

There does not seem to be any support or help when something goes wrong.
Our solar panels have been chewed by squirrels and so far all our installer wants to do is charge us for five new panels instead of rewiring the panel that have been damaged.

Our systems is not even up and running yet and we have no one who can rewire the 5 panel which would work if they could be rewired.

No one when they were selling the system made mention that squirrels could do so much damages and that there is no service contract to purchase. ( Like for a washing machine) when something goes wrong.

chewed in new jersey.