Solar Benefits

There are a significant number of benefits to installing a Solar electric (PV) power solution:  

Clean Power
Solar is a zero emission energy source; including both pollutants (CO2, SO2 and NOx) and noise.  This makes it the most environmentally sound energy source

Cost Effective 
Solar offers long term savings on energy bills and is cost efficient when analyzed on a cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) delivered basis (when rebates and incentives are included)

Electricity Pricing Hedge/Protection 
A solar electric system will enable the homeowner to effectively fix a substantial portion of electricity costs over the expected life of the solar system (~30 years)    

Asset Appreciation
A solar system will increase the value of a home as it reduces the ongoing annual running costs of the property.  Installing a solar electric system also enables the homeowner to capture federal, state and local solar rebates and tax incentives  

Deployment Flexibility
Solar offers modularity at any scale which makes it ideal for on-site locations; it can be scaled to meet a broad range of project requirements

Long Useful Life and Minimal Maintenance
Solar panels typically last up to 30 years and have manufacturers guarantees of 25+ years.  Solar power systems have few, if any moving parts and once installed, require very little ongoing maintenance; they typically need washing to remove dust every few months 

Peak Power at Peak Demand 
Solar panels generate peak power when electricity demand is at its highest and most expensive (midday).  Using a time-of-use tariff and under net metering, homeowners are able to produce and sell electricity back to the utility at high rates (midday) and purchase electricity back at low rates (evening) 

On-Site Distribution Capabilities
Solar installations offer partial protection against grid failure, particularly if (battery) storage capacity is also located on site