Commercial Solar Maintenance

Following successful completion and commissioning, a commercial solar site will require limited maintenance throughout the useful life of the array.  Maintenence falls into two primary categories; regularly scheduled and emergency.

Regularly scheduled system maintenence takes place every few months and there will typically be a more detailed annual inspection.  The maintenance checklist includes:

  • Washing the solar array to remove dust and other particules
  • Inspection of electrical connections on the panels
  • Inspection of array tracking equipment (if applicable) to ensure mechanical operation
  • Testing inverter equipment to ensure optimal performance

Emergency system maintenance is usually triggered by an alarm from the remote monitoring system that is installed at the site and provides 24/7 monitoring of the solar array and inverter equipment.  This monitoring equipment not only provides real-time and historical data on the output of the array but is also a key part of the billing infrastructure.  The monitoring equipment is browser based and data is accessibe by clients and developers.