Factors Driving Commercial Solar Growth

The factors driving commerical solar adoption fall into 5 key areas: 


  • Volatile global energy prices and rising global energy demand
  • Incentives; feed-in tariffs, net metering, rebate programs geared towards making solar more financially viable
  • Solar approaches the cost convergence zone; large scale utility projects moving closer to economic viability (without rebates) 


  • Geo-political climate: Kyoto Protocol, emission goals, cap-and-trade policies and green house gas initiatives driving global adoption trends 
  • U.S. Federal Government activity; Key incentive programs serve as short/medium term stimulus
  • Individual State initiatives such as the California Solar Initiative 


  • New, more cost effective and efficient solar module manufacturing technologies are emerging that make solar more economically viable
  • There is also significant investment in alternatives to glass on glass silicon modules 


  • Clean energy consumer revolution
  • The Hollywood effect; Al Gore’s movie - “An Inconvenient Truth” 


  • No noise
  • No pollutants 
  • No ongoing fuel requirements